User experience training courses and workshops

Improving the usability, accessibility and user experience of your digital products is an on-going job. USIO provides expert training allowing you to develop your internal resources to help achieve that goal.

We are building a big data base of video tutorials covering all aspects of user experience design.

We created quizzes for the different sections, and a final exam that will grant you a UX certification.

Whether you're a digital marketer, a developer or a designer; this course was created in a way that is easy to learn, even the most advanced concepts and techniques.

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UX Masterclass

This short course will cover the processes which make up user experience design and how it can improve the ROI of your business in using actionable insight and practical examples. The course will last 1.5 hours.

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Introduction to UX (2 Day)

The aim of this course is to provide the UX ‘big picture’ over 2 days and help delegates design better web sites by showing how the various usability tools and techniques fit into real-world design and development processes.

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Web User Experience

This course provides research-based guidelines, practical advice and real-world examples. Improve your website with our industry-leading one-day web User Experience (UX) training course.

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Axure RP Training

Axure Essentials

For new users of Axure RP who want to create interactive prototypes, this is a one-day seminar that shows delegates how to build wireframes and generate HTML prototypes. Unlike training from software vendors, this workshop shows delegates real-life examples of how Axure RP is used in practice.

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Advanced Axure

This course is for those who can already design, specify and generate basic prototypes in Axure RP and who now want to learn how to produce complex prototypes by exploiting the advanced features of Axure RP. You’ll benefit from this course if you are part of a user experience design team and need to be able to produce sophisticated prototypes.

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Axure Mobile Apps and RWD

The mobile and responsive web design course provides a comprehensive grounding in prototyping mobile apps and responsive web design (RWD) using Axure. This includes integrating our powerful drags, swipes and spins Axure widget library, as well as covering many other advanced Axure features.

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Information Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping

Information Architecture Design

Our course provides research-based guidelines, practical advice and practical examples. Improve your website with our industry-leading one day Information Architecture Design (IA) UX training course.

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Wireframing and prototyping

Quick and cost-effective technique for identifying major usability issues early with sketches and paper. Perfect fit for Agile and Lean processes. Take your learning a step further with our UX training courses.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Journey maps are used to identify customer needs through storytelling and visualisation. This course will show you how you can apply this technique in your own business.

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Upcoming Training Courses

Key benefits of user experience training with USIO

  • UX courses written and delivered by UX professionals
  • Guide your company to better decisions
  • Helps you to better understand your customers
  • Quickly get a big picture of what’s going on with your products
  • Decide where to focus qualitative research
  • Discounts for multiple course bookings

Recent testimonials

Immediately helpful

I was hesitant about signing up to the Essentials course due to my experience, but I learned a lot about the mistakes I was making, and numerous time saving shortcuts that will streamline my work in the future.

Axure Essentials Attendee

Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending

We found the Google Analytics training session really useful and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Luke’s services to our clients.

Stuart Bellis, Code 7

Clear and structured training

The training provided clear and structured training, taking the team from novices to competent Google Analytics users in a short space of time

Laura Bevans, Wired Sussex

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