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Whether you’re a small business or a large non-profit organization, we’ve got you covered. Your branded Usio Hosted Payment Page is mobile and web responsive. Plus, all payments/donations are processed using PCI Level 1, the highest security available.

Custom Payment Page Features

Before completing your form below review the Features section. Discover all the benefits and how you can customize your own Usio Hosted Payments Page for your organization.


Your organization will accept the following payment/donation types:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • ACH (bank to bank transfer)
  • Remotely Created Checks (an ACH alternative)


Payment types can be enabled/disabled. For example, you may only want your customers paying by ACH or by credit/debit card. In this situation, we will enable/disable the payment option as needed.

Usio Recurring Payments/ Donations are the perfect solution for collecting funds from your customers’ accounts automatically at regular intervals on an ongoing basis. This feature can also be disabled as needed.

Your page includes the option to add your logo, link to your home page, change colors and add text along with custom fields. Adding text and custom fields is covered in the Customized Fields section.

We offer up to five different custom fields to gather data specific to your customers. 

Field Types

  • Textbox– This is a basic field with a single line of input text. For example:



  • Text Block– This is a larger section of space that accepts several lines of text, good for free-form input such as comments. For example:

  • Dropdown –  A dropdown field allows you to give your customers specific options. You may list up to 10 options. For example:


  • We can provide up to three different designations to specify the purpose of a set amount of funds. For example:

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