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5 Examples of Hilarious “Out of the Office” Messages

I’m currently out of the office, probably chasing penguins in Antarctica. I’ll be back on June 14. If your email is urgent, contact Colleague’s Name at [Colleague’s Email]. If it’s not, enjoy this fun fact: Penguins propose to their mates with a pebble!



I’m on a quest to find unicorns and will be out of the office until July 5. If you have any urgent needs, please contact Gwen at XXXX. If it can wait, I’ll get back to you once I return from this magical adventure.

Sparkles and rainbows,
Jimmy Eberwein
VP of User Experience


I’m out of the office and soaking up some sun. I’ll be back on Monday with a tan (hopefully). For urgent matters, reach out to Jimmy Eberwein at XXXX.

See you soon,
Gwen Roberts
User Experience Manager

I’m currently stuck in a time loop and reliving the same day over and over again. I’ll be back to the present on July 8. If you need immediate assistance, take a deep breath, relax, and I’ll get back to you on Monday.

John Williams
Senior Developer

I’m out of the office on an urgent business matter. I’ll be back on June 1. Please do not call my mobile phone unless you’ve been kidnapped.

All the best,
Jim Allen

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