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Consumer Choice 

Streamlining cash disbursements and escheatment management can be a daunting task, both in terms of time and cost, not to mention the associated liabilities. With Digital Disbursement, you can significantly cut down on these burdens by leveraging a unified platform that provides consumers with multiple funding choices. Additionally, Usio assumes the risks and escheatment obligations, ensuring your compliance and boosting your confidence.

Easily send a virtual or physical Debit Mastercard© to any email or mobile number with a simple text message.

Disburse funds to checking or savings accounts
at a fraction of the cost

Instantly transfer funds to any debit card or account in real time.

Printed checks highlight our expertise in mass printing and mailing, as we handle the entire process, delivering directly to consumers.

The Usio Consumer Choice solution speeds up funds disbursement for businesses, lowers costs, reduces fraud, improves manageability, and boosts customer loyalty and retention

Why Enroll Usio Fund Disbursement 

Optimize your operations and boost cost-efficiency with electronic fund transfers, reducing time and expenses.

Our seamless integration point streamlines disbursements while also minimizing escheatment risks. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with convenient real-time fund disbursement options, designed to improve your SEO performance.

One Simple, Turn-Key Solution

Transform Funds Disbursement and Escheatment Efficiency with a Unified Platform.

Enroll In Usio 

Payment info sent to Usio via API or batch: name, email and/or phone number, amount owed, etc.

Payout Option

Usio notifies recipients of funding via email and/or SMS and allows them to choose their preferred payout method.


Usio confirms completion of payments to recipients, eliminating escheated funds as liabilities on your balance sheet.

Elevate Your Payment Experience

Integrated Payment Processing is Just One Click Away

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