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Usio Integrated Payment Solutions

Process Payments Today

With no investment cost, and utilizing the highest level of security on the market, Usio Integrated Payment Solution APIs will drive meaningful revenue in 30 days or less.

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A Modern Payment Solution With Humans


Easy-To-Use Suite of APIs

Our easy-to-use suite of APIs are a complete commerce and integrated payments toolkit for enterprise software developers utilizing .Net, JAVA, PHP, Python, Swift, cURL, and more.



Unparalleled Support

The primary factor driving software companies to transition to Usio Integrated Payments from the competition is our unparalleled service and support. You will consistently have the opportunity to engage with live developers, certified payment professionals, and a host of other experts, all situated in San Antonio, TX. We provide an ironclad guarantee on this commitment.



Agressive Revenue Share

Imagine earning an additional $768,000 per year. That's right! With Usio, payments are not just another department, it's a revenue source.


Automated Onboarding

You may upload 1 merchant or 10,000 with just a few clicks. We like to keep it simple by minimizing the number of steps, forms, and documents required.


Compliance & Security

Among the different compliance levels, there’s one that’s the real deal—the one and only PCI Level 1. So, you're not only protected, we also maintain full PCI-DSS compliance for merchants and developers. That's not all. For added value, Usio also includes Tokenization. You can relax—you're protected with the best-in-class.

Proprietory Technology

At Usio, we own and develop the integrated payment platform we offer. It's not a solution of another payment processor like our competitors. This means you're not passed off to another company when challenges arise. You receive customized support straight from the source. No delayed responses, no middlemen, no markups.


Integrated Payment Resources