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Payment Solutions

Usio, ranked as the best in “Payment Technology” in 2024, stands out as the preferred payments partner for SaaS, ISVs, ERPs, developers and more. By utilizing Usio APIs, you gain access to a variety of payment options seamlessly integrated into your system. Handling billions of dollars in transactions, Usio boasts not only competitive processing rates but also revenue-sharing opportunities and the highest levels of guaranteed security. 

No Investment, High Security Payment Solutions

Suite of APIs

Discover our user-friendly suite of APIs—a comprehensive commerce and integrated payments toolkit tailored for enterprise software developers. Compatible with .Net, JAVA, PHP, Python, Swift, cURL, and more, our APIs empower developers with seamless integration capabilities.

5 Stars Support

The primary factor driving software companies to transition to Usio from the competition is our unparalleled service and support. You will consistently have the opportunity to engage with live developers, Certified Payment Professionals, and a host of other experts in San Antonio, TX. 

Revenue Shares

Envision boosting your yearly income by $768,000. That’s the reality with Usio. Our payment services aren’t just a department—they’re a lucrative source of revenue.

Compliance & Security 

When it comes to compliance, PCI Level 1 is the gold standard. Usio not only ensures your protection but also maintains full PCI-DSS compliance for merchants and developers. And that’s just the beginning. With Tokenization included, you can rest easy knowing you’re safeguarded by industry-leading security measures.

Automated Onboarding

Easily upload anywhere from one to ten thousand merchants with just a few clicks. Our streamlined approach keeps it simple by minimizing the number of steps, forms, and documents needed.

Usio Proprietary Technology

Usio proprietary technology was developed and is maintained in-house. What does that mean? We do not pass the blame on to third-party vendors. If you need assistance or have questions, you’ve direct access to support, developers and Certified Payment Professionals who understand onboarding, refunds, reporting, APIs, security, and more all in one location ready to help. 


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