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Live Webinar: Turning Payments into Profit

Live Webinar: Unlock the Secrets: Transforming Payments into Profit with Top Software Leaders

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July 11, 2024
10-11 AM CST

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Mastering the art of integrating payments can be the key to unlocking exponential growth and profitability. Join us for an exclusive event: Unlock the Secrets: How These Top SaaS Leaders Are Transforming Payments into Profit. This powerhouse session features industry trailblazers Robin Eissler, CEO from BoosterHub and Cory Benn, from PracticeSuite, who will divulge their revolutionary techniques for harnessing the power of payments within their platforms.

Meet the Visionaries

Robin Eissler, CEO, BoosterHub:
A strategic entrepreneur in software, Robin has transformed BoosterHub into a champion by leveraging payment systems to enhance user retention and engagement. BoosterHub offers contacts, calendars, website, email, chat, photos, accounting, credit card payments, tickets and so much more all in one easy-to-use platform for clubs. Robin not only uses payments to increase user stickiness, but she also increased BoosterHub’s valuation by 300%+.  

Robin Eissler CEO, BoosterHub


Cory Benn, Client Management, PracticeSuite:
As a pioneer in the software healthcare sector, Cory has driven remarkable revenue growth through cutting-edge payment solutions for PracticeSuite. PracticeSuite allows healthcare offices to adopt a cloud-based office solution to care, collect, connect, collaborate, build credibility, prevent cyberattacks, and be compliant all under one roof. To date, Cory is responsible for adding $700,000 + in additional revenue to PracticeSuite’s bottom line. 

Cory Benn, Practice Suite

Why This Event is a Game-Changer: Unveiling the Magic of SaaS Stickiness

Fact: SaaS companies that provide integrated solutions report up to a 50% increase in user retention*. Learn from Robin and Cory on how to create a sticky ecosystem that keeps users coming back for more by offering comprehensive solutions.

Skyrocketing Company Valuation by Up to 300%

Fact: The average SaaS company grows 30% annually, but with the right strategies, valuations can triple*. Discover how these leaders have achieved such astounding growth and how you can replicate their success.

Unlocking Over $700,000 in Additional Revenue

Fact: Top-performing SaaS companies can achieve revenue growth rates of 20% or more per year*. Cory will share his blueprints for generating significant additional revenue through innovative payment integration, exceeding $700,000.

What You’ll Gain
  • Expert Insights and Strategies: Learn directly from the leaders who have successfully navigated the complexities of SaaS payments. Their proven strategies are designed to be implemented with immediate effect, offering practical, actionable steps.
  • Real-World Examples and Case Studies: Understand the specific tactics used by BoosteHub and PracticeSuite, supported by data and real-world examples that highlight their path to success.
  • Networking and Growth Opportunities: Engage with industry peers, exchange ideas, and form valuable connections that will propel your business forward.
The Power of Payments in SaaS Growth

The SaaS industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with projections indicating a market value of $307.3 billion by 2026*. Payments are not just transactions – they are touchpoints that can drive user satisfaction, loyalty, and substantial revenue. Join us to unlock these secrets and apply them to your business.

Harness the power of payments and propel your SaaS business to new heights with insights from Robin Eissler and Cory Benn. This is your opportunity to gain a competitive edge and transform your payments into profit engines.

Mark Your Calendar!

This is more than just an event – it’s your chance to revolutionize your software platform. Don’t miss out on learning from the best minds in the industry.

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