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Discover a hassle-free, secure, and cost-effective way to manage your payments with our trusted solutions. Your financial transactions have never been this easy and worry-free! Usio is a Nacha Certified Third-Party Sender provider making transactions easier and more secure than ever before on its robust platform.

Elevate your Payment Experience
with ACH Payment Solutions

Experience the confidence of secure payments and the convenience of rapid transfers, all with our cutting-edge ACH payment processing system, allowing you to send and receive funds with unprecedented efficiency. Whether you’re handling payroll, bill payments or vendor transactions, our ACH program streamlines the process for swift, hassle-free money transfers and expense payments.

Elevate your Payment Experience with ACH Payment Solutions

Usio is one of a select few broad-industry focused Nacha Certified Third-Party Senders. Ultimately, we provide greater funding control with same-day funding and late cutoff via multiple originating depository financial institutions (ODFIs).

Through constant innovation, Usio ACH allows you to move money to or from any US bank account at a fraction of the cost of credit card processing. We’re also one of the first processors to offer same-day ACH credits to any US bank account.

Highest level of fraud detection and payment security in the market with PCI Level 1 and tokenization.

We’re a Nacha Certified Third-Party Sender, the highest level of commitment toward compliance for payment companies.

Digital and automated process that can be made at the office or at home.

Access to in-house team, Certified Payment Professionals (CPP), project managers, rate analysts, fraud department and marketing pros. 

PINLess Debit

Convenient & Cost Effective.
More than anything else, we understand that speed and execution are critical. Usio PINless Debit processing is an alternative electronic payment solution that addresses your unique needs while providing lower cost, real-time debits, and instant loan funding with unmatched coverage. Usio PINLess Debit solutions include:

Usio supports transactions across all major debit networks, providing you unmatched coverage 24/7.

Instantly push funds to a borrower’s card, reducing wait times for online lenders and reducing cash requirements.

Leverage Usio real-time verification tools to reduce fraud with the card brands and debit networks.

Remotely Created Checks (RCC)

RCC is the perfect ACH alternative solution, primarily because they aren’t subject to a 0.5% fee and no signature is required. Additional benefits include:

PreNote Verification

Verification & Prenotes
Identify & reduce fraud beforehand. Plus, ease back-office collections & eliminates data entry errors before enrollments.

Instant Account Validation
Usio Instant Account Validation will increase conversion rates while reducing abandonment. In seconds, Usio confirms that an account is valid including bank details, account number, routing number, balance, and holder name. You receive the highest level of security and compliance with Nacha standards. And, Usio Instant Account Validation sits outside the ACH network which means there’s no impact to transaction counts or return ratios.

Access to industry-specific data & analytics allowing you to address the unique needs of different industries.

Identify & reduce fraud beforehand. Plus, ease back-office collections & eliminates data entry errors before enrollments.

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