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Usio payment solutions allow you to accept and process credit cards, debit cards, checks, ACH and more online, over the phone or in-person. Combined with our Document Composition, Warehousing and Printing and Mailing Services, Usio is the perfect partner for a turnkey solution that guarantees you’ll get paid faster.

Payers expect options and convenience.  That’s exactly how we increase your profitability, all while decreasing errors and administrative costs.

Empowering Financial Excellence

Through Usio’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment feature, your business can seamlessly streamline payment processes and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. This sophisticated solution enables you to enhance cash flow, mitigate interest expenses, and optimize operational efficiencies with ease.

By securely storing and hosting invoices in the cloud, access is controlled by your members, ensuring real-time verification of account statuses. This comprehensive approach not only empowers your business with increased profitability but also minimizes errors and elevates customer service standards. With Usio, you can confidently meet the diverse needs of payers while unlocking the full potential of your financial operations.

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