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Funds Disbursement 

We facilitate the creation and management of prepaid cards for disbursements, incentives, promotions, and expense management. With our end-to-end services and top-rated customer support, launching and managing your card program is a breeze.


Hear directly from these top executives and discover how they navigate the complexity of disbursements.  George Siter, Senior Vice President, at Mastercard discusses the value of the Usio and Mastercard partnership. 

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Payment Disbursements

Effortlessly distribute corporate incentives, rewards, and rebates to customers, employees, or anyone else. Whether you need physical or virtual cards, they can be generated in bulk and made readily available or delivered directly to the recipient

Expense Management

Boost your team’s productivity and satisfaction by simplifying expense reimbursements for employees and general office expenditures through efficient financing, management, and monitoring of organizational expenses.

The Ultimate Prepaid Card Platform 

Usio helps businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations create and manage prepaid cards with Akimbo, offering cutting-edge, ready-to-use prepaid card solutions for distributing prepaid, incentive, promotional, and business expense cards.

Card Issuance with Usio

With 11 years of experience, we have mastered the art of providing an unparalleled experience to our customers.

With end-to-end service, Usio is dedicated to ensuring the success of your prepaid card solutions.

Easily launch and manage your card program by utilizing established relationship with hundreds of banks.

Create the exact application you need, with ease, with API integration built in every programming language.

Guarantee continuous satisfaction of you and your customers with round-the-clock English and Spanish support.

Elevate Your Payment Experience

Integrated Payment Processing is Just One Click Away

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