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Can Software Companies Really Benefit from Payment Monetization?

Payment monetization has shown great returns for early adopters like Shopify. In fact, software CEOs and CFOs are discovering that recurring revenue from payments is surpassing other revenue streams. So what’s the big deal.

1. The revenue promise is real.

If you’re currently outsourcing payments, or not offering payments at all, take a seat because the amount of money you are leaving on the table may come as a shock. The revenue you earn is driven by a percentage of each payment transaction that is captured. The more transactions and volume you have, the higher the return. It’s that simple.

Example: Let’s say you have 1,000 users (also referred to as merchants in the payments world) and 80% start processing payments (that’s 800 users/merchants.) Those 800 process $20,000 each per month for a total of $16mm in processing volume every month.

That $16mm turns into a net take-home income of $64,000 per month, or
$768,000 per year for you. That is right, we said $786,000 per year in your pocket.

2. Customer Experience

The decision to monetize payments also means offering more solutions to your customers and extending your brand from the beginning to the end of their journey.

3. Resource Investment & Risk

Integrating payments requires a significant investment, time, money and risk. What if you could have all the financial benefits of integrated payment facilitation: 

  • Without the financial investment?
  • Without the risk?
  • Without the resources?

We’ve Got You Covered

To summarize, there is a significant amount of time and money needed. With Usio, you’ll receive the recurring revenue, customer benefits and functionality of being a Payment Facilitator without taking on the responsibility, liability, risk, operation infrastructure and more.  What’s the Cost? Nothing! Usio is paid the same way you are. We get a percent of the transaction fees. The percent you receive vs Usio depends on the volume of transactions, adoption rate, etc. Usio also offers more comprehensive solutions as needed.

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