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Usio Hosted Card Issuing Summit 2023

The Card Issuing team hosted a successful Summit on 9/20/2023 at the San Antonio corporate office. 38 Usio Prepaid employees attended, including remote colleagues meeting in person for the first time. The summit aimed to inform and energize the team about the past, present, and future of prepaid issuing. The event included good food, collaboration, and conversation.

The summit began with Houston Frost, SVP Card Issuing, sharing the history of the Akimbo platform, from its inception to its acquisition by Usio in 2014. Kyle Ruschman, VP of Sales & Business Development, discussed current products and success stories. Lynn Forrest, Senior Director of Product and Operations, talked about our current status and future plans, emphasizing automation, efficiency, and self-service.

Greg Carter, EVP of Payment Acceptance, discussed ACH, Merchant Processing, and Payment Facilitation, highlighting opportunities for cross-selling. The Prepaid team conducted a successful SWOT analysis, providing valuable insights for future planning.

The summit concluded with a memorable golf outing at Top Golf and to the Escape Rooms, filled with stories, competition, and camaraderie.

Special thanks to Louis Hoch, Houston Frost, and Diana Ochoa for their support in organizing this event.

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