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With Usio Integrated Payment Solutions, effortlessly create customized payment solutions that cater to your business’s specific requirements without the burden of risks, registration hassles, complex technical requirements, and the typical $3 million investment.

Usio Makes API Integration Easy!

Our user-friendly set of APIs serves as a comprehensive toolkit for developers working on practice management and enterprise software in all major programming languages, with benefits such as:

Automated Batch
Onboarding & Contracting

Effortlessly onboard or contract 1000s of customers simultaneously with the support of Usio marketing staff and customer support, ensuring a seamless launch for your payment services.

Additional Referral
Revenue Source

Integrating with Usio not only simplifies the settlement and disbursement process for all involved parties, but also provides the opportunity to earn revenue on all payments processed through the platform.

Custom Reporting
& Reconciliation

Through the integration of our API suite, you can offer payment solutions tailored to their customers’ preferences – with low processing rates and secure PCI compliance.

Customer Integration
& Live Support

Your customers have the option to leverage a variety of Usio services, including the Pay Now Button, Virtual Terminal, In-Person Payments, Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment, Streamlined Invoices & Collections, ACH, Prepaid Card Solutions, and Reporting & Reconciliation Tools.

Our interface supports all major card types, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex, as well as ACH, E-check, and Electronic Bill Pay Presentment (EBPP). 

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Compliance Documents

ACH Audit Attestation
Usio AML Testing Report
PCI DSS AOC – Merchant Services
PCI DSS AOC – Card Issuing
Usio SOC Audit
Usio Output Solutions SOC 2 Audit
Usio SOC Gap Bridge

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