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Usio Partner Goes from $0-$7.5million in Processing, Adds $35,000 to Bottom Line

Usio Partner Snapshot

BoosterHub provides an integrated platform for high school booster clubs to manage fundraising, ticketing, communication, volunteers, schedules, products, concessions, accounting, files, and website.


  • Startup company: no existing revenue, user base, or pre-existing payment system
  • Need to sell products both online and in-person
  • Need a payment system that is easy for temporary, parent volunteers to use
  • Need a payment system that adds unique advantages over the competition


Usio PayFac-As-A-Service (integrated payments) offers thousands of ISVs, including BoosterHub, the chance to make money from payments and add extra payment features to their products without the hassle of becoming a Payment Facilitator. This requires spending over $1 million and dedicating more than a year to get started.


  • Earned approximately $35,000 in additional revenue after integrating
  • Went from processing $0 to $7.5mm in transactions in 12 + months
  • Gained competitive advantage by offering new and easy-to-use mobile payment solution
  • Became one of the leading booster club software providers on the market to date.

To learn more about Usio Payfac-as-a-Service, or Integrated Payments visit To learn more about BoosterHub, click here.

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