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Board Members

Michael Long

Co-founder, Chairman

Louis Hoch, CPP

Co-founder, Vice-Chairman

Blaise Bender


Ernesto Beyer


Michelle Miller


Bradley Rollins


Executive Leadership

Louis Hoch, CPP

President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Greg Carter

Executive Vice President, Payment Acceptance

Tom Jewell, CPA

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Ken Keller

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Houston Frost

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Prepaid Services

Wayne Gonzales - APP, CAMS, CFE, CFI, CCII

Senior Vice President, Risk Management & Compliance

Sy Green, MDP, MDC

Senior Vice President, Output Solutions

Larry Morrison, CPP

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Steve Peterson

Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets

Matt Morris

Vice President, Marketing

Matt Decker

Vice President, Technology

Kyle Ruschman, CPP

Vice President, Prepaid Sales & Business Development

Joe Huch, ETA, CPP

Vice President, Sales

Miguel A. Chapa

Director Emeritus - In Memory