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Bradley Rollins, a smiling bald man wearing a dark suit, light blue checked tie, and a pink lapel pin, posing in front of a bookshelf filled with law books.

Bradley Rollins


Bradley Rollins is the President/CEO of Dahill Office Technology. Being passionate about excellent value services ensures a genuine need to always serve and exceed his customer’s expectations. After joining the Dahill group in the Fall of 2000, Bradley achieved nationwide recognition for exceptional results and corporate growth. Today, eight years later, the company opened 12 additional locations and experienced unprecedented growth year over year – all of which happened under less than ideal economic conditions. Dahill was awarded the Award for Outstanding Company Performance and Growth in 2016 as the first company in the parent group to achieve this status. Bradley himself received the Executive of the Year award both in 2014 and 2016. Being a board member and chair of various influential organizations such as the San Antonio Economic Development, United Way and North San Antonio Chamber, allowed for him to play an important role in the development and support of communities and advancement of organizations. Relaxing with his wife at home and spending time on the golf course, keeps an important work-life balance, allowing for an always energetic and dynamic leader that his employees look up to.