5 Payment Processing Strategies for Software as a Service (SaaS)

Usio integrated payments

Subscription Models: Usio will provide general insights into why subscription-based payment processing is often considered advantageous for Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses. In addition, there are several alternatives to subscription-based strategies such as: Remember to prioritize a smooth and secure payment process, comply with relevant regulations, and continuously assess and adjust your pricing strategy […]

Together We Bring the Best in Mobile App Development with an Integrated Payment Solution

REFERRAL PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT In the ever-evolving landscape of app technology and integrated payments, partnership referrals play a pivotal role in driving progress and creating synergies that benefit businesses and end-users alike. One such dynamic collaboration is the partnership between Usio and CodigoDelSur. The Vision Behind the PartnershipUsio, a leading player in the fintech space, and […]

What are Integrated Payments? Everything you need to know 101 and more.

Integrated payments refer to the seamless incorporation of payment processing capabilities into other business applications or systems. Instead of using separate platforms for different business functions, integrated payments allow businesses to integrate payment processing directly into their existing software or workflows. For example, an e-commerce platform might integrate payment processing directly into its website, allowing […]

Usio Partner Goes from $0-$7.5million in Processing, Adds $35,000 to Bottom Line

Usio Partner Snapshot BoosterHub provides an integrated platform for high school booster clubs to manage fundraising, ticketing, communication, volunteers, schedules, products, concessions, accounting, files, and website. Challenges Solution Usio PayFac-As-A-Service (integrated payments) offers thousands of ISVs, including BoosterHub, the chance to make money from payments and add extra payment features to their products without the […]

Usio Appoints Frank Tummino, a 34-Year Industry Veteran, as Director of Business Development

With a remarkable 34-year career in the production printing industry, Tummino assumes a Director role at Usio, steering the company towards growth opportunities and fortifying existing client relationships. Tummino expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am honored to join the exceptional management team at Usio. The Usio cutting-edge platform has a proven history of elevating financial […]

Nacha Certification: What’s The Real Value to Usio Partners and their Customers?

Nacha certification is a very valuable credential in the field of electronic payments and the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Nacha is the organization that governs the rules and standards for ACH payments in the United States. As a Nacha Certified fintech, here are some of the benefits Usio offers to its partners: Expertise and […]

5 Indicators Payments are Harming Your Business

Your payment solution plays a crucial role in shaping your image and customer experience. If they’re not meeting expectations, it will have negative consequences. Here are five signs that your payments are damaging your brand and customer experience: 1. No Customer Service. Most of us are not payment experts. Nor, do we want to be. […]