Maximizing Impact

The Power of Usio Akimbo Prepaid
Cards in Non-Profit Organizations

Hear directly from these top executives and discover how they are navigating the complexity of disbursements within the non-profit landscape.

Meet Your Speakers

George Siter
Senior Vice President, Account Management


George is a senior executive with over 15 years of experience with innovative payments technology, prepaid, mobile and disbursement, primarily in the prepaid segment in the US.

Sarah Blanton


Sarah is a senior executive who oversees 4-CT, a non-profit organization that empowers Connecticut residents to improve their lives, giving them agency to make their own decisions with direct cash assistance. 

Samantha Tavares
Execuctive Director

City of Phoenix

Samantha currently overseeing the City’s $396 million allocation of American Rescue Plan Act funds and assisted the Human Services Department with the $106 million Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Kyle Ruschman
Vice President Prepaid Sales & Business Development


Kyle’s professional credentials include over 20 years of business development and consultative sales experience, focusing mainly on the prepaid enterprise and card issuing lines of business.


How to reach and support individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services.

How can recipients get funds securely, make purchases, and participate in financial transactions without needing a bank account?

As program managers how can we streamline the disbursement efforts, reduce administrative overhead and operational costs associated with traditional payment methods like checks or cash?

How to facilitate transparent tracking of funds, enabling nonprofits to monitor how donations and grants are used with features such as real-time reporting and expenditure & monitoring.