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Payment Facilitation

PayFac-in-a-Box is a complete payment integration designed specifically for software applications, providing a seamless and all-encompassing payment solution.


Watch an exclusive session with Robin Eissler from BoosterHub and Cory Benn from PracticeSuite, where they reveal their secrets to leveraging Usio Payment Facilitation within their SaaS platforms. Discover how they:

Payment Facilitation

Experience the advantages of becoming a payment facilitator in less than 30 days with Payment Facilitation (PayFac-as a-Service), our streamlined all-in-one solution. Enjoy all the features and capabilities of a payment facilitator without the need for upfront investment, ongoing costs, risk, registration, or PCI and technical requirements.

By partnering with us and leveraging our PayFac-in-a-Box platform, you’re able to deliver a fully integrated PayFac solution that generates revenue instead of costs.

Become a Payment Facilitator 

With Usio

1. Get in contact with a Usio team member 

2. Experience automated onboarding and begin generating revenue within 30 days.

Without Usio

1. Find a processor that will sponsor you with a member bank and the card associations.

2. Pass an extensive underwriting process.

3. Put up significant cash reserves and personal guarantees with the bank or the processor and develop credit underwriting guidelines and anti-money laundering policies.

5. You must have the internal technical resources required to manage settlement and funding to your downstream customers.

6. Ensure that payments operations are in and remain in full compliance with PCI and other mandates from the card brands

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