Customer research is the cornerstone of a product or business’s competitive advantage. We have a number of tools and sound processes using real users to identify problems, discover user motivations, behaviours and find market leading solutions.

Analytics health check & setup

We have found around 90% of Google Analytics installs are broken in some way. That’s worrying when you rely on it for key business decisions, isn’t it? Our experts will give your setup a health check and help you fix any problems.

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Stakeholder research

We work with your team and stakeholders to elicit the right information. As the main reason for digital product failure is badly defined requirements, it is essential to get this correct from the outset.

Rocket model

Our very own Conversion Rate Optimisation System: The Rocket Model. Get rid of what’s holding you back, add conversion boosting elements, let your rocket fly sky high.

Expert reviews

An expert usability review is typically carried out as a matter of course during any engagement. We need to know how your site works before we can advise on A/B testing or site improvements.

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Online surveys are a set of precise questions sent out to a large sample of your target audience. They are useful for validating qualitative research and to understand satisfaction levels with your current digital solutions.

Focus groups

Focus groups are facilitated sessions with a number of individuals from your target audiences brought together to discuss specific elements of your digital offering and customer experience. We deliver focus groups that give great insights into the needs and attitudes of your customers.

Competitor review

Keeping your eyes about you is as important as having clear vision. We can work with you to define your context and understand critical issues such as what constitutes best in class.