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Refer & Get Paid

 Everything engineers and software development companies want in a payments partner and more.

Live Support

The #1 reason organizations choose Usio is the exceptional support. You'll consistently have access to live developers, Certified Payment Professionals, and a host of other experts.

Referral Revenue Share

Imagine earning an additional $768,000 per year just from Usio Integrated Payments. That's right! Usio payments are not just another department, it's a revenue source.

Responsive APIs

Our easy-to-use APIs are a complete commerce and online payments toolkit  utilizing JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, Android, Objective-C and cURL.


Your Stripe Alternative

Get all the features and functionality of integrated payments without the risk,
registration, need to hire staff, or PCI and technical requirements. Plus:

Automated batch on-boarding
and contracting

Settlement and
disbursement solutions

Custom reporting and
reconciliation options