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Payfac in a Box™  delivers a full suite of API calls by transaction type in each language so developers can easily cut and paste the code segments you need.

Our easy-to-use suite of APIs is a complete commerce payments toolkit for practice management and enterprise software developers utilizing JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, Android, Objective-C and cURL. Through utilizing our payment gateway you can create integrated payment solutions that will fit your software or website’s unique specifications. We enable all major card types Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex as well as ACH, E-check and even Electronic Bill Pay Presentment (EBPP) through one interface! We also have a full electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) platform that allows you to pick and choose the functionality you need to build a full circle billing and collections integration. Learn more about our BillPAY EBPP solution now.

Check out the Payfac in a Box™ website now to learn more.

What Payfac in a Box™ means for your payments integration:

  • Easy automated batch on-boarding and contracting
  • Settlements and disbursements
  • Custom reporting and reconciliation

Get all the features and functionality of being a payfac without the risk, registration, or PCI and technical requirements. 

Check out our feature set below and request a free consultation to develop a solution architecture that works for you.