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Account Validation & Prenote

March 19, 2022 Nacha will enforce the Supplemental Fraud Detection for WEB Debits (i.e., Account Validation)To help you comply with Nacha’s rule, increase conversions, and process payments even faster, Usio offers Instant Account Validation and Prenote Verification.


Instant Account Validation 

Instant Account Validation

Usio Instant Account Validation will increase conversion rates while reducing abandonment. In seconds, Usio confirms that an account is valid including bank details, account number, routing number, balance and holder name. You receive the highest level of security and compliance with Nacha standards. And, Usio Instant Account Validation sits outside the ACH network which means there's no impact to transaction counts or return ratios.

Prenote Verification

Usio offers a payment platform built for the entire life-cycle of payments. Our PreNote Verification is a zero-dollar entry that notifies the bank that payment will be processed in the future. Plus, our APIs directly integrate with your bank accounts, allowing you to process payments using ACH and multiple other payment methods 2x faster than your existing solution. Usio keeps it simple.


Instant Account Validation

Usio Instant Account Validation mitigates fraud, maximizes confidence and improves the user experience for payments. Plus, there are no micro-deposits necessary.

Nacha Certified & Compliant

Reduce Risk of payment and fraud

Increase conversion rates with the power of knowing accounts are validated


Prenote Verification

Usio Prenote Verification is designed for high growth businesses that need to onboard more customers fast and with the highest level of security.

Usio solutions allow you to stay compliant while meeting the demands of fraud prevention, trust and safety requirements.

Usio APIs are easy to integrate and we provide hands-on support. You'll be up and running in days not months.