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Your 2024 Guide to Payment Integration

2024 Guide to Payment Integration

In today’s fast-paced digital world, providing a seamless payment experience is crucial for businesses of all sizes. As we venture into 2024, the landscape of payment integration continues to evolve, presenting both opportunities and challenges for merchants. Whether you’re a small e-commerce store or a large enterprise, understanding the latest trends and technologies in payment […]

Paygo’s Adventure: The Tale of Biometric Payments & A French Bulldog

Woof! Hi there, I’m Paygo, the most fintech-savvy French bulldog in the neighborhood. My Usio Marketing Communications Specialist, CJ, is always running around with a million things to do, and I’m here to keep things under control. Today, I’ve got a tail-wagging tale about our adventures with AI biometric payments. It’s a sunny Saturday morning, […]

What Every SaaS CEO Needs to Know About Integrated Payments: Why USIO is Your Ideal Solution

In the dynamic world of Software as a Service (SaaS), staying ahead of the curve means continuously evolving and integrating new functionalities that enhance user experience and streamline business operations. One such critical functionality is integrated payments. As a SaaS CEO, understanding and implementing integrated payments can be a game-changer for your business. Here’s why […]

The Future of ACH: The Value and How to Include It in Your Payment Strategy

Consumers are seeking faster, more efficient ways to handle transactions. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, a key player in the realm of electronic payments, has evolved to meet these demands. As we look to the future, ACH is poised to become even more integral to financial operations. Understanding its value and how to incorporate […]

What would be considered a good revenue share agreement from a payments service provider for processing payments through my software platform?

A good revenue share agreement with a payments service provider depends on various factors including your software platform’s volume of transactions, the average transaction size, industry standards, and the services provided by the payment provider. Typically, revenue share agreements with payment service providers range from 1% to 5% of the transaction value. However, some factors […]

Integrated Payments vs. Payfac-as-a-Service: What SaaS Developers Need to Know

  Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, businesses are constantly seeking efficient and seamless ways to handle transactions. Two prominent solutions that have emerged in recent years are integrated payments and Payfac-as-a-Service. While both aim to simplify payment processes, understanding the nuances between the two is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions […]

Example of Integrated Payments

An integrated payment system is a solution that combines various payment methods into a unified platform, making it convenient for businesses and customers to process transactions. One popular example of an integrated payment system is Usio. Usio provides a set of APIs and tools that allow businesses to accept and manage online payments. Key features […]

Benefits of Integrated Payments with Usio

Usio integrated payments

Integrated payments are gaining popularity among businesses as they enable seamless transactions and streamlined processes. A 2022 study by the National Retail Federation revealed that 63% of customers prefer integrated payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Moreover, with the global ecommerce market projected to reach $8.3 trillion by 2025, businesses are increasingly adopting integrated […]