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The Ultimate Card Platform for Organizations

Usio helps businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations create and manage prepaid cards for almost any need.


Manage Expenses or Deliver Incentives, Disbursements, Promotions and More


Akimbo: A Simple Solution to Create, Deliver, and Manage Prepaid Cards

Usio's main card-issuing product is Akimbo. We believe it's The Ultimate Card Platform for organizations. Akimbo provides modern turn-key prepaid card solutions to disburse prepaid, incentive, promotion, and business expense cards for businesses, nonprofits, and government entities.
Customer Incentives
Provide Covid Relief
Make a difference to communities affected by the pandemic by providing financial relief with Usio's card solutions. Cards can be used anonymously, provide ATM access, and reloaded with additional funds as needed. Send relief quickly by delivering cards virtually by text or email, or hand them out in person by ordering cards in bulk.
Use for Rebates or Promotions
Disburse Incentives or Promotions
Send corporate incentives, rewards and rebates for customers, employees or anyone else. Cards can be created in bulk to have available as needed or delivered directly to the recipient. Virtual cards are also available in real-time.
Manage Your Team's Expenses
Manage Your Team's Expenses
Fund, control and track your business or organization's expenses with ease. Improve your team's efficiency and morale by simplifying your employee and general office expense reimbursement process.
Design Your Own Prepaid Experience

Work with us to customize your own prepaid experience with your brand.

Our Akimbo API will allow you to integrate with Akimbo using our RESTful APIs or you can build apps on top of the Akimbo Card program.

You can even earn referral fees for signing up new cardholders.

Deliver A Custom Card Solution


Benefits of UsioCard


11 Years of
Our expertise in the industry means you deliver the ultimate experience for your customers


Processor and
Program Manager
We offer end-to-end services to give you and your customers a seamless experience


Bank Relationships
Our strong banking relationships help you easily launch and manage your card program


Integrate with our RESTful APIs so you can build the exact kind of application you're looking for


Excellent Customer
We provide top-rated English and Spanish customer service to ensure your customers are happy

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Tell us what’s on your prepaid wish list and we’ll put together a custom solution that fits your needs!