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Printing & Mailing


As a USPS Seamless Mailer, Usio is proud to provide 24/7 mailing and full-color digital printing services for utilities, healthcare providers, credit unions, banks, government agencies, and manufacturing warehouses.

Printing & Mailing  with Usio

Usio utilizes state-of-the-art inkjet printers to make sure your documents are the highest quality. All items are printed from white paper stock that ranges in weight from 24 lbs. to 110 lbs. We diligently select the most cost-efficient method of printing, guaranteeing optimal value and savings for you.

Usio specializes in printing the following documentation, in bulk or individualized to each recipient, including but not limited to:

Mailing with USIO

By utilizing CASS & PAVE, NCOA, and Intelligent Mail BarCode services, Usio delivers cost-effective, secure, speedy, and precise mailing. We prioritize secure data transfer with high-speed internet connections and complimentary Mail Verification BarCodes to track your documents through printing, folding, inserting and mailing. 

Check Printing Solutions

Usio streamlines and enhances check printing and mailing services for businesses across various sectors, regardless of size. Our platform offers extensive customization options, ensuring swift check issuance directly from your bank account. Additionally, Usio provides a comprehensive suite of services including ACH, credit, debit, and prepaid card solutions for your convenience.

  • Full check customization
  • Template design with optional inserts
  • Validation and verification
  • Positive Pay (fraud protection)
  • High-volume, same-day processing
  • Electronic Check Pull Process
  • Overnight services available
  • Quality control and mail verification
  • Bar code automation
  • Detached Mail Unit (DMU) allows for mailouts to be processed up to three hours later each day
  • The lowest USPS postage rates available
  • Simple implementation and integration
  • One-time runs welcome
  • World-class client support

Usio is the only NACHA-certified company that provides check-processing solutions.

Real-time reporting and reconciliation.

Collectively, our team has hundreds of years of experience in the FinTech industry.

Simple and straightforward pricing.

Multiple industry certifications for strict compliance requirements.

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