Customer research is the cornerstone of a product or business’s competitive advantage. We have a number of tools and sound processes using real users to identify problems, discover user motivations, behaviours and find market leading solutions.

Card Sorting

Card sorting is an Information Architecture (IA) technique, whereby your target audience labels and groups topic cards to help organise the information and navigation of each of your digital assets in a manner they understand.

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Using web analytics we can provide clues and identify the source of some key issues with your website or digital product. Our experts will work with you to resolve the problems, reduce bounce rates and increase user engagement.

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In-depth user interviews are individual discussions with your target audience to discover their needs and requirements from your brand and services. These can be extremely insightful and form the basis of the customer personas that you will recruit to test your digital product.

Focus group research

Focus groups are facilitated sessions with a number of individuals from your target audiences brought together to discuss specific elements of your digital offering and customer experience. We deliver focus groups that give great insights into the needs and attitudes of your customers.

Diary studies

Diary studies are consolidation of thoughts, motivations and actions from your target market, recorded as they happen. This is one of the best ways to understand and observe natural user behaviour and provides some excellent actionable insight and results.


Ethnography is an important part of user research and studies users in their own natural environment, in order to get in to their minds, delivering illuminating observations that are essential to their customer experience and product success.

Guerrilla user interviews

Guerrilla User interviews are a great cost-effective way to quickly understand the motivations and behaviours of a target market without undertaking a larger in-depth research project. This can quickly guide your user experience strategy and will ensure that your chosen direction has been validated with video evidence.


Online surveys

Online surveys are a set of precise questions sent out to a large sample of your target audience. They are useful for validating qualitative research and to understand satisfaction levels with your current digital solutions.

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