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Improve your digital products (websites, mobile apps & software) for your target users. We start with your objectives, pens & paper and move to prototypes tested on real people

Benefits of Good User Interface (UI) Design

At USIO we believe in simplification combined with consistency to make intuitive user interfaces that perform key tasks well.  We follow a number of design principles such as Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity to ensure the interface is designed in conjunction with user needs.

  • Your new designs will actively increase sales
  • There will be fewer frustrations
  • Your customers will become more engaged
  • You will maximise your revenue opportunities and user experience

Our Four Stage Agile UI Design Process

When designing user interfaces, we generally follow a four stage agile based User Interface (UI) Design process that moves the design from the initial concept stages through to final designs.


We start with Contextual Research, where we find out as much background information as we can about your users, products and stakeholders.  We identify attitudes, motivations, behaviour and goals of the users and are able to validate their user persona groupings.  This gives us a solid view on the current situation and we are able to move forward from this solid foundation.

The next stage of the process involves starting with paper to sketch up some ideas.  The reason we do this is because it’s cheap, quick and easy to change.   We make sure the overall foundations and interactions of the user interface is correct first and like to test with users as often as possible to enable us to work in fast iterations.

As we move through the process, we increase the fidelity of the user interface and add the final visual design on to the proposition at the end.  Although it is important to have nice designs, it is essential to get the other elements correct first.

A few recent clients for whom we’ve created User Interfaces


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