Rapid Prototyping – Accelerate your product ideas into reality

Quickly pull together a cross or specific platform (web / smartphone / tablet – site or app) prototype for review by business product teams or stakeholders, and customers in user research.

A prototype is used to quickly elicit feedback and identify opportunities for improvement through an iterative refinement process with increasing levels of fidelity (faithfulness) from an early proof of concept to the end product.  Our process is highly collaborative.  We cycle through several phases, starting with a workshop with the product team in which we use paper prototyping techniques, allowing us to identify a range of possible solutions and agree on the direction to be taken,  before tested on real users.

Key Benefits of Rapid Prototyping with USIO

  • A tangible product is created that can be shared with your product team
  • Users interact with the prototype as they would the end product – this allows us to identify opportunities for improvements before building
  • Feedback and issues can be identified early in the project lifecycle and amends can be made quickly.
  • This can dramatically reduce project cost and timescales
  • This can be started at any time (a ‘rapid ignition project’) but works particularly well if it follows and builds on the foundation of digital strategy or customer insight

A few recent clients for whom we’ve created interactive prototypes


Have USIO conduct your Rapid Prototyping Project

If you would like work with us to help you make a rapid prototype of a new website, tablet of mobile app, or if you would like a free consultation about your current project, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to start a conversation.

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