Expert Usability Review and Heuristic Analysis

Review the strengths and weaknesses of your existing site, find where users are dropping out and what can be done to optimise your site. Our in-depth report will give you actionable insights for future developments.

Expert Review – fix your site using actionable insight

Before you begin to make changes or updates to your website, it’s important to understand what is wrong with your existing customer proposition.

In a matter of days, we can perform an expert usability review or heuristic analysis to identify actionable insight of the issues that should be changed. We would advocate user testing on your updated proposition when these have been implemented.

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Key benefits of conducting an Expert Review with USIO

  • Speed – we frequently deliver expert reviews in the same week they are requested. If you have a time-constraint, an expert review can deliver results within tight deadlines
  • Without the need to recruit users and schedule interviews, the cost is inevitably significantly lower
  • Discover the major blocks that users experience
  • Having a third-party point out deficits in your current site can help make your own point to your Board
  • If you’re able to provide us with access to your analytics package, we can further enhance your report with valuable analytics data
  • By getting an outside expert to review your site, you avoid internal political issues that may hamper the development of you site
  • Receive an concise report containing top-line summary, actionable insights, clear diagrams and call-outs
  • Run prior to a user testing (user research) phase, we can help weed out the obvious errors that could derail your more expensive user research session

Just a few of the recent clients for whom we’ve conducted an expert review

What our clients are saying

We brought USIO in to help us focus on who our target personas were and to identify the core components of the current user journeys. We found the process to be enlightening and we are very pleased with the quality of the outputs.


Head of Digital


Have USIO conduct your Expert Review

If you would like to book an expert review, or have us conduct an in-depth heuristic analysis, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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