Customer Journey Mapping

Develop maps of user behaviour, through persona development, research and observation

What is a customer journey?

A useful customer (or user) journey map defines how your visitors move through your site and where potential bottlenecks and pitfalls are lurking.

They are also great documents that allow the team to start thinking about the users thoughts and feelings and additional touchpoints (other people, other websites etc.) along the way.

Why should I use customer journey mapping?

It will help you articulate the information succinctly and can be used to communicate the users’ attitudes, motivations, behaviours and digital touch points on a single sheet of paper.

Although the component elements can sometimes take a while to pull together, the end result makes it easier for key stakeholders to fully understand all of the elements involved in a purchase decision or customer journey.

How does it work?


Map a current user journey with a customer persona in mind


Sketch out the main parts of the User Journey


Identify the Information required and likely questions


Analyse the data to identify key themes


Prepare a Swim Lane Diagram or Customer Journey Map

Key benefits of Customer Journey Mapping with USIO

  • Helps you to better understand your customers
  • Provides a cross-business view of the customer’s experience in a single document
  • Defines key enabling requirements (skills, data, processes, measures, etc.)
  • Highlights areas of importance (where effort should be applied) and areas not valued by customers (so costs can be optimised)
  • Helps to identify operational inefficiencies and can be a quick win for customer experience staff
  • Helps to ensure that the individuals most capable of solving customers’ problems will be on the same page about what these problems are and the best approach to fix them
  • It’s also a valuable tool to identify areas in which you can differentiate your customer experience

What our clients are saying

The process of working with USIO has been an invaluable experience. We moved from idea to user tested interactive prototypes in a couple of weeks. The IT team were able to build the final proposition with the confidence that it would be right for users

First Rate

Head of Marketing and Retail Channels

Need a hand identifying your Customer Journey?

Let us help you. We’ll take you through the process from persona development to final outcomes and help get your team on-board along the way.

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