What, why, when, how and who are as important as setting the context for market, business, technology and, crucially, the customer. We have a range of tools to help and we’ll pick and mix what’s best for you and your problem.

Customer Journey Mapping

Getting clarity around how different customer groups interact with a service or brand is a crucial step in taking control of the direction of a digital customer experience strategy.

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Persona Development

Before you undertake any user centred development, it’s important to understand your customer, goals, behaviours, motivations and attitudes towards your product and services.

We’ll deliver workable and simple to understand outputs to form the basis of your development focus.

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Design thinking and innovation workshops

We act as a facilitator, catalyst and navigator around your current business problems and help you come up with new digital ideas and solutions.

Target market and competitor review

Keeping your eyes about you is as important as having clear vision. We can work with you to define your context and understand critical issues such as what constitutes best in class.

Strategy and planning workshops

Profitable brands have high level of employee and customer engagement. the right processes and tools. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we can help you plot a course.

Business requirements gathering

We work with your team and stakeholders to elicit the right information. As the main reason for digital product failure is badly defined requirements, it is essential to get this correct from the outset.

Expert usability reviews

An expert usability review is typically carried out as a matter of course during any engagement. We need to know how your site works before we can advise on A/B testing or site improvements.

The review is carried out by our consultants and we deliver best practice insight and standards for improving user experience and customer satisfaction.


Accessibility evaluation

An accessibility evaluation is an assessment of how well your digital products support the requirements of disabled web users. Carried out by one of our team, it delivers actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction.

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