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Why More Than 30 Energy Sector Companies Choose Usio

Specialize in welcome kits, invoices, statements, letters, inserts & payments

Provide  electronic bill presentment & hosted payment pages 

Compatible with the leading energy billing software platforms

Mail presort is inhouse for maximum postal savings and passed on to you

Provide the fastest path from printing/mailing invoices to electronic payments via QR codes



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We Own Our Technology

With our seamless combination of an in-house post office, professional printing, and integrated payment technology, you'll have complete confidence that your invoices will never encounter delays. By keeping all these essential processes in-house, we also transfer these cost savings directly to you.



Usio is responsible for printing and mailing a staggering 28 million invoices annually. Our primary objective is to expedite your payment process with optimal efficiency, all the while upholding the highest industry standards for quality control.


5 Point Accuracy

To ensure 100% accuracy and verification, Usio uses a 5 point accuracy screening:

1. 2D-bar codes verification

2. Postal address validation

3. Physical printed sample comparison

4. Automated piece count verification

5. PDF customer approval & verification

What Makes Us Unique

Combine Usio printing and mailing with Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment for a turnkey billing solution. That’s right! In addition to printing and mailing we also process more than 3 billion dollars annually in payments. Whether your customers prefer online payments or traditional, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even assist with communicating to your payors that you offer more convenient payment methods.

modern payment api

All Usio Solutions


Move money the same-day, next-day and at a fraction of the cost


Remotely Created Checks, the perfect ACH alternative & more


Remote Payment Presentment, a single point solution to virtually every online consumer

Credit Cards

Offering the best processing
rates, guaranteed

PINLess Debit

Consumers prefer it,
you'll love it


Perfect contactless
payment solution

Account Verification

The power of knowing means

Payment Facilitation

Integrate directly with the Usio
Payment platform

EMV Terminals

We've got you covered with
traditional payment processing

Hosted Payment Pages

A better customer experience
with your brand

Prepaid Card Issuing

Perfect for cash gifts, employee
travel and more

Printing & Mailing

For industries that thrive with
paper invoices

Collections & Disbursements

Eliminate the headache and
leave it to the pros