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Success Story

Industry: Legal Management Technology
Number of Employees: 30 +
Number of End-Users: 16,000 +


Partner Snapshot

From start to finish, this Usio Partner provides everything law firms need to manage legal cases.


Their Challenges

They successfully developed tools that allow law firms to easily manage data with filters and reporting. Attorneys can quickly view all legal clients in one location with key information regarding each case featuring filters, searches and reports. However robust, the system lacked a payment solution and any revenue derived from those payments. The internal talent and resources to integrate payment solutions on their own were not available. There was also a significant amount of risk associated with payment facilitation that they were not willing to take on.



The Solution

The Results

Usio Payment Facilitation & Support

During the initial meetings in September 2020, it was evident this partner needed a payment solution. Plus, Usio discovered they had more than $1m annually in potential revenue earnings from those payments. With that in mind and with Usio Automated Onboarding, this partner was up and running within just a few weeks. Plus, they are not taking on any of the risk and compliance issues.


  • $1m plus annually in potential revenue
  • Improved the user's experience with new payment feature
  •  Avoided risk and compliance issues associated with payment facilitation




Increased Revenue

Within the first year, this Usio partner earned an additional $24k in residual income without a single investment other than a few hours spent in meetings with Usio Fintech experts.

Projected Earnings

With Usio Automated Onboarding we've estimated the following earnings potential:

Year 2022 Revenue from Payments
Year 2023 Revenue from Payments
Year 2023 Revenue from Payments

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