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Success Story

Industry: Software Customer Management
Number of Employees: 20
Number of End-Users: 2000+


Partner Snapshot

This Usio partner provides cloud-based customer management software for businesses of all sizes. Their solutions allow businesses to connect to their customers and manage daily operations such as payments/donations, events, volunteers and more. Key features include people management, event scheduling, check-in, text messaging, workflow creation and calendar management.


Their Challenges

Their current payments provider, Stripe did not provide a partnership or an integrated solution that allowed them to earn revenue from the payments running through their system. Plus, they lacked any type of customer support or the ability to add more payment features to meet their customers growing demands for easier technology-based payment solutions.


The Solution

The Results

Payment Facilitation & Support

During the initial meetings in mid-2019, it was evident they were not earning revenue with their existing donations and payments. After showing them the potential revenue derived from payments and without spending a dime, they became a Usio Partner in October 2019. Usio dived into their system and switched the process from Stripe to Usio. With the Usio Automated Boarding process, the entire process took less than 48 hours.

Recurring Payments & Support

This company also relied heavily on automation such as running recurring payments within their system. Usio technical support staff was there every step of the way during the conversion and continues to provide support to the end-users as needed.

Text2Pay & Support

With their event-driven solutions, we also set-up Text2Pay, allowing them to offer more payment features to the end-users.


Increased Revenue

Within the first year, this Usio partner earned an additional $85k per year in residual income without a single investment other than a few spent in meetings with Usio Fintech experts.

Projected Earnings

With the additional Usio Text2Pay services and with Usio Automated Onboarding added to their platform, we've increased their potential to earn even more revenue from payments.

Year 2021
Revenue from Payments
Year 2022
Revenue from Payments
Year 2023
Revenue from Payments

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