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Usio is the Fintech leader and a Nacha Certified provider that streamlines payment acceptance and minimizes processing costs. Utilizing the most robust platform on the market, Usio also provides the highest level of security available: PCI Level 1 and tokenization. There's no reason to go anywhere else.

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Send or accept low-cost payments using multiple originating banks

Usio is one of a select few broad-industry focused Nacha Certified senders. Ultimately, we provide greater funding control with same-day funding and late cutoff via multiple originating depository financial institutions (ODFIs).

Through constant innovation, Usio ACH allows you to move money to or from any US bank account at a fraction of the cost of credit card processing. We're also one of the first processors to offer same-day ACH credits to any US bank account.

Using our Usio checkout solution, you can greatly reduce regulatory requirements, making it easier and less expensive to process bank transfers.

PINLess Debit

Convenient & Cost Effective. More than anything else, we understand that speed and execution are critical. Usio PINless Debit processing is an alternative electronic payment solution that addresses your unique needs while providing lower cost, real-time debits and instant loan funding with unmatched coverage. Usio PINLess Debit solutions include:

  • Debit Card Coverage: Usio supports transactions across all major debit networks, providing you unmatched coverage 24/7
  • Real Time Funds: Instantly push funds to a borrower's card, reducing wait times for online lenders and reducing cash requirements.
  • Instant Verification: Leverage Usio real-time verification tools to
    reduce fraud with the card brands and debit networks.
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 Remotely Created Checks (RCC)

RCC is the perfect ACH alternative solution, primarily because they aren't subject to 0.5% fee and no signature is required. Additional benefits include:

  • Authorized remotely by phone or online
  • Same-day deposits into multiple accounts while processing up to 100,000 checks per batch
  • Recurring Transaction Engine: Recurring payments can be scheduled by the customer, allowing recurring payments to run on autopilot
  • Automatically send customized reminders and receipts
  • Full Stack APIs: Seize the full potential of our solutions by integrating payments and accounting processes.
  • Fraud Prevention: Mitigate risk and fraud by validating account information upfront.
  • Payment Gateway: Manage accounts in real-time with our feature-rich, enterprise-class payment gateway.

Industry Specific Data Analytics
& Pre Note Verification

Industry Analytics Engine
Access to industry-specific data & analytics allowing you to address the unique needs of different industries.

Verification & Prenotes
Identify & reduce fraud beforehand. Plus, ease back-office collections & eliminates data entry errors before enrollments.



Usio Text2pay increases collections and payments by giving your customers alternative payment solutions they expect. It's not only more convenient, Text2pay eliminates the costs and headache of check processing, hand-to-hand cash transactions and more.

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iQ Decision Engine

Finally, you have the power to make the best decisions with our advanced credit decisioning engine. Whether online lending is the next step for your business or already a big part of it, we'll help you deliver faster credit decisions in a seamless environment, leading to a much better customer experience. We've created a best-in-class decision engine that's fully customizable to suit your needs and goals. There's no limit to how much your business can grow.

Payment Solutions

Usio payment solutions are tailor-made for Lenders, Retail, Franchises, Education, Insurance,
Medical, Government, Restaurants, Collections and More. As you grow and technology changes, Usio has a solution.


Move money the same-day, next-day and at a fraction of the cost


Remotely Created Checks, the perfect ACH alternative & more

Collections & Disbursements

Eliminate the headache and
leave it to the pros

Credit Cards

Offering the best processing
rates, guaranteed

PINLess Debit

Consumers prefer it,
you'll love it


Perfect contactless
payment solution

Account Validation

The power of knowing means

Pre-Note Verification

Discover this Usio solution
to reduce returns

Payment Facilitation

Integrate directly with the Usio
Payment platform

EMV Terminals

We've got you covered with
traditional payment processing

Hosted Payment Pages

A better customer experience
with your brand

Prepaid Card Issuing

Perfect for cash gifts, employee
travel and more

Printing & Mailing

For industries that thrive with
paper invoices


What Separates Usio From Other Fintechs


Usio provides the highest level of fraud detection and security available on the market. Sit back, we've got you covered.


Usio is Nacha Certified! This demonstrates the highest level of commitment toward compliance that other payment companies are not willing to achieve.

People First

When you choose Usio, you also choose to give back to nonprofits such as Leukemia and Lymphoma Society & Best Buddies.


Usio offers a dynamic combination of in-house support, Certified Payment Professionals (CPP), project managers, rate analysts, fraud department & marketing pros.